Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Art Deco Vintage Inspired Crystal Hair Slides

Over the years my crafting supplies have taken over  half of my bedroom which I share with my ever patient husband.  I have everything from paper to material, sterling silver jewellery findings to a huge selection of Swarovski crystals and pearls in so many shapes and colours. 

I also have an every growing supply of crystal diamante pieces and it's with these that I've been doing a lot of my current designing around, especially when I've been creating products for Wedding And Gems.  

A lot of the time I'll take a something that was created originally for a completely difference purpose and make a few modification so it can be created into something else.

Take these for example.

Those round diamantes motifs actually come in a pair.  Together they form a clasp but I don't particularly like the shape that this clasp creates when it's together so I choose to use them apart.  The designs pretty simple, a round circles of crystals with a square centre, normal everyday geometric shapes often seen in vintage art deco design.

I designed this originally as bridal accessories but I can't see any reason why they couldn't be used for other special occasions.  Because they are on matching hair slides they can be placed anywhere.

Vintage is huge in the wedding industry at the moment so if you're looking for more vintage style accessories, then check out what's in stock at Wedding And Gems.

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Garters and Hairvines

So it's friday and almost everyday this week I've been hoping for the postman to bring me the lace I ordered from Etsy so I can start making bridal garters.  Yes there's absolutely no craft that I won't try.  I'm assuming it's not going to arrive today either which is a little disappointing but it's ok.  I've decided to turn my crafty urges into another direction.

A while ago I decided to cull a lot of my old products that I make for Wedding And Gems as I wasn't happy with the photo's.  This meant a lot of my own hairvines got the chop.  So since I can't make the bridal garters that I desperately want to try out, I'm going to extend my collection of hairvines.  I have a small collection at the moment, most of them quite short so they can highlight different sections of the hair, but I want to make longer ones.  My idea is to make them a length that can go around the entire head like a headband, with the option of tying them with a ribbon, for that pretty look.

I can't wait to get started, I just need to get the kids organised and sent to school :)