Monday, 17 June 2013

My Need To Create

In a previous life, (before Amy) I worked for a Local Authority (A county council) and I worked in computers, my second love.

After having my gorgeous girl a year and a half ago I decided that I wanted to spend my time making pretty things and watching my baby grow into a little girl.  And even though the thought of losing regular income and earning my own wage seemed a little daunting, I was determined to live my life my way.

An ever growing part of my new life is to create, not just bridal accessories, which is something I've been doing for years, I find myself yearning for material so I can sew, Copic markers so I can draw, and teaching myself graphic design with photoshop.

I lead more of an creative life then I ever did, it's really satisfying.  Do I feel that I could be more creative - yes of course.  I see other people's work and wish that I had the imagination to create that, or stand in awe in the amount of work and time that has gone into making something, only for them to sell it for a price that wouldn't even earn them minimum wage.

Money is no longer a huge part of my life, as long as there's enough to cover the basics, then I'm happy.  I think spending time with those who you love, creating memories that you'll always treasure and being able to follow your true passions is far more beneficial then working to make money, just to spend it on silly things.

I have been know to crave the latest Macbook or Ipad and did make a rash decision to buy an ipad mini while on my family holiday last year.  Even I'm not able to resist the draw of a new toys.

The problem about spending your life creating, is that it isn't spent cleaning and with 2 children in the house, 3 cats and a wonderful hubby, my house can get very messy.

Currently I have a huge pile of duchess satin sitting on my dinning room table from my wedding dress that I took apart last night so I can reuse the material.

My work bench in my studio is covered in a recent attempt to make my own rhinestone appliqu├ęs and my head is filled with ideas that there just doesn't seem enough time to possibly create.

This morning I created this, its not the style of wedding garter I was planning on making, but I decided to work with the materials I had to hand and I wanted something more colourful than my usual style.

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