Sunday, 28 April 2013

Physical and Digital Crafting

I'm a women with a very short attention span, I flit from one activity to another, often leaving something almost complete behind so I can move onto the next thing that caught my eye.  You like me?  Your minds wandering onto something else already?  Come back, I just want your attention for a little while.

Probably like you, things bore me quickly. So I'm not the type of person who's happy to learn just one type of craft such as jewellery making (see Wedding And Gems). I like to have my fingers in many pies, and yes I bake too ;).  So I also spend time making digital products.  I mainly make backgrounds to place on items in my Zazzle store.

Digital design is different from jewellery making in so many ways.  It's intangible, its very quick to edit, its never ending and as long as your got the software and hardware you can create for free.  My favourite benefit to my digital design obsession compared to my jewellery making frenzies is that I don't need to find space in my house to store my designs. Something my husband appreciates too.

The downside is that I can spend all day playing in photoshop and illustrator and have no physical things to hold in my hand at the end of the day.

Some days though, if I get around to uploading new designs to my Zazzle store I get to see what my digital designs look like on products, such as this kindle case.

polka dot kindle case

Of course, I personalised it with my own initial but it's set up to allow zazzle customers to customised it and put their own initial or other text in it's place.

I can't decide whether I like the font that's used for the initial is called Guest Check and I think it makes the K seem disproportionate, but that could just be me!

I'm really proud of the brown flag with the faux stitching.  I taught myself how to do that yesterday and with a little trial and error, I was happy with the results.  Really I should set up a digital file so they colour can be changed quickly.

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