Monday, 3 December 2012

So who am I?

Since is my very first post on this blog I thought I better introduce myself.

My name is Kerrie Giles or as many refer to me; Kerrie G. I have a wonderful husband and two beautiful children.

Bridal Hair Accessories
I'm the main designer for a bridal accessories company - Weddings and Gems. It's a job love because I get to work closely with brides and I get the opportunity to make their visions come true.

You can also see some of my work on sites such as; Etsy, Waleno and Luulla (as well as the main site - Wedding And Gems).

Kerrie G Phone Case
Not only do I just design jewellery, I love paper crafts (but really struggle with it) and digital design so you'll find me on zazzle too.

Get around don't I?

I'm woman who tends to craft first, housework second.  I get much more enjoyment creating something, than cleaning something, I'm sure you can sympathise.

So you might be wondering what I'm going to talk about on my new blog?

Well I'm probably going to ramble a lot, go off on a random tangent, share my crafting successes and failures with you.  Let you know what drives my need to create, share my favourite things to work with and basically anything that pops into my mind.

If you've found yourself here you've probably come because of my role at Wedding And Gems so of course, I'll show you my latest designs from drawn design to the actual creation and packaging.

Stay tuned - I'll be back soon...

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