Tuesday, 17 December 2013

A grateful Attitude - My little experiment

Its been busy these last few weeks running up to Christmas as my Etsy shop Glass art Dreams has seen an influx of customers looking for stocking fillers for their friends and family.

Wedding and Gems is always quiet this time of year, not many people are focusing on Weddings so my fingers get a break from making more complicated things.  I have made a commitment to myself to post regular blog updates on there though.  So far I'm blogging every Wednesday and Friday.  I've even sent myself up some systems to take the hassle out of doing it too.

I really struggle writing when I'm not in the mood, so I have a habit of writing at random intervals.  Hopefully for Wedding and Gems at least I can put a stop to that, here - well here you get my random thought processes, so you only get them when I'm in a inspired mood.

So why am I feeling so inspired?

Well it's a bit of a longer story so I'll skip over some of the details.

A few weeks ago I found an amazing website where I get to watch a lot of workshops for free. So far I've learnt so much that has really helped me in changing my perspective on the world and help me figure out exactly what I want to do with my life.

I was watching a course with Sue Bryce - she's a photographer with an amazing outlook on life.  Really down to earth doesn't sugar coat a thing.

She shared an old book that she had read - The Science of getting rich.  It's out of copyright so you can download the pdf for free.  I'm constantly on the move, so I decided to listen to someone else read it for me on youtube.

It's written in the 1910, so the language and examples given are dated but the principles behind them are the same.

The one thing that both Sue Bryce and the book that really resonates with me is to be thankful.

Yes I say thanks to people holding the door open, or letting me past them with the pushchair, but I mean to really stop and find something in your day to be really thankful for.

Sounds so wishy washy doesn't it - apparently my life will be so much better if I start being more thankful.

So I decided to give it a little test.  Because I am lazy, I needed to find the easiest way to make me stop and find something to be thankful for.

Sometimes I need a little nudge so I decided to use a website called Idonethis and set up a daily email to ask me to list the things that I've been thankful for that day.

When it arrives, I hit reply, enter everything that I can think of being thankful for, then I think of anything bad that has happened and put a positive spin on that.  Then just hit send.

I've only be doing it for a few days but here are the things that I have noticed.

I am much more likely to realise that I'm thankful for things that I take for granted.
I am less likely to be in a bad mood, I'm not allowing myself to dwell in the negatives but force myself to find the positive within it.
I feel better generally, more perky, more creative and productive.

Not bad eh,

I'm going to carry this on for at least a month and how else having a grateful attitude affects my life.

Why don't you join me in the challenge? Let me know your results below.

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