Saturday, 31 August 2013

Latest Designs and New Products

So I've been on a creation mission since I came back from my camping trip to Wales - Towyn to be exact which is a tourist town in north Wales.

I arrived back on Friday at dinner time and quickly got back to work.  I had a bride in America who needed 4 sets of bridesmaids earrings asap, so they were made and posted out the same day.  Since then I haven't stopped.

I've listed my new gemstone earrings on Etsy.  I just started working with real gemstones, my background is with Swarovski crystals and pearls but I wanted to use more natural stones.  Even though Swarovski products are amazing quality, there's something about these yellow topaz gemstones that are breathe taking. Here's one of the photo's I took this afternoon.  There are more on my etsy page.

I've also added a few more pendants to my other etsy shop.  These aren't my own designs but those of amazing digital artists that allow their art work to be bought and used in various other crafts.  I turn these into pendants and key rings such as these.

So that's my 2 etsy shops taken care of, but I've been busy on Zazzle too.  If you don't know what Zazzle is - it's a print on demand company that allows you to customise lots of different products so you can get exactly what you want or personalise a gift for someone else.

My Zazzle store tends to take a back seat with the majority of my time being taken with Wedding And Gems but this week, while I'm on a roll, I've created lots of new products.  Such as this.

Green, Blue and Cream Flowers and Butterflies iPad Mini Case
Green, Blue and Cream Flowers and Butterflies iPad Mini Case by kezan98

I've been focusing on updating my ipad, ipad mini, and phone cases with new and previous designs.  Many of them aren't yet showing up in my store, but they will be there soon.

So that's been my last 2 days, well actually 1 and a half.  I've been busy but busy productive and not just seeming busy.  

Now on to do some research for the batch of gemstones I've ordered from the US while I was camping in Wales.

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